STOAKED™ white oak BBQ pellets are like no other cooking pellet on the market.

While any barbecue pellet should give you wood-cooked results, STOAKED is made of world-renowned select white oak chosen by time-honored wineries and whiskey distilleries to create the barrels that age their products to perfection.  The prime nature of our white oak wood possesses the flavoring essences prized by wine and whiskey connoisseurs.

STAGG’S™ Premium Fuel Pellets are the optimal choice for your pellet stove.

We use a formulated blend of oaks and other hardwood specifically designed for your pellet stove to operate at peak performance.We reclaim the clean chips and sawdust created by our operations to make STAGG’S.  By virtue of using high-grade woods, these reclaimed raw materials produce premium fuel pellets.  We use only fresh, select material.