Staggemeyer Stave Company

Producing premium white oak barrel staves for the wine and whiskey industry for over 50 years.

White Oak Barrel Staves for Fine Wine Aging

Staggemeyer creates barrel staves for the aging of the finest wines, bringing the best array and depth of flavor notes our premium white oak has to offer.

White Oak Barrel Staves for Classic Whiskey Aging

Staggemeyer creates the barrel staves that age whiskeys to perfection, from bourbon to scotch, to everything in-between.

Log Buying

Your white oak sawlogs are the lifeblood of our mill operations! Staggemeyer is always ready to buy your quality white oak.

Wood Pellets

Staggemeyer Stave also creates premium BBQ pellets (STOAKED®) and premium wood fuel pellets (STAGG’S™).

Our Story

Staggemeyer Stave has its roots in Missouri, where H.E. Robertson began his venture and eventually operated a stave mill in Dubuque, Iowa. In 1958, he moved the mill to our present site near Caledonia, Minnesota because of the abundance of white oak.